Have you considered relocating to realise your dreams?

Tue, 18 Jul 2017 13:37:00 +0000

So you have qualified having completed your professional accountancy exams. What do you do next?

Have you thought  about relocating? I don't mean to the other side of the world, there are plenty of fantastic career opportunites on your UK doorstep; for example Milton Keynes and Northampton with rail and road links to the rest of the UK, so you are never very far from anywhere.

I have been involved in recruiting to the accountancy profession from the mid 90's and there has always been a demand for experienced professionals to work in Public Practice for a variety of roles but namely in; audit, tax, accountancy and corporate finance and at Wavelength we have helped develop the careers of qualified and part qualified professionals, many of whom are now Partners in their own firms. Whilst at the same time helping firms to grow and develop their own respective businesses by coming up with the right staff to complement their set up and goals.

One of the areas we have had success in is opening up the eyes for candidates to consider relocating to fulfil their dream move which may not be forthcoming in their current location, or there is just too much competition for the roles available and not everyone can have that job!

Please visit our website for  examples of the many opportunities we are currently recruiting for.
Clearly relocating  is a big decision for anyone to make and will require much consideration before making a full commitment but we are here to help make a smooth transition, ensure we come up with the right role, the right firm and make the interview process as seamless as possible. We can also give you tips and advice on the location you are considering. 

Things to think about
  • Cost of living including house prices / rent – are you considering moving to a more affluent area and is this reflected in market salary levels. The converse to that is, if the salary level is lower is that also reflected in a lower cost of living? For example at Wavelength we have helped relocate many candidates out of London who are amazed at what they can get for their money out here in the regions.
  • Schools and facilities –  if you are moving family with you, you need to give thought to the schools in the area in terms of reputation and access so you know where your children can get in and if you have pre-school children are there suitable facilities / services available for you to utilise?
  • Road / rail networks – How easy will it be to keep in touch with friends and family with either you visiting them or them coming to see you?
Relocating can open up new opportunities you hadn't considered before to help enhance your career to develop your skills and experience. The other thing to bear in mind is that it doesn't need to be forever, you can always relocate back home or onto somewhere else further down the line. We can help you with that too!

If you want to consider relocating for a Public Practice roles in Beds, Bucks, Herts, Leics or Northants please contact us at Wavelength by emailing 


Great recruitment agencies aren’t just a fairy tale

Wed, 12 Jul 2017 13:47:00 +0000
We received this testimonial from a candidate which prompted us to write this. I guess it’s the story of the frustrated candidate looking for the next step in his career, which of course has a happy ending!

Having applied for a variety of roles via job boards Michael finds himself swept along on a tide of unsuitable jobs and job interviews driven by agencies simply looking to fill a job at any cost.
As a result, by the time we were approached by Michael he was unsurprisingly demoralised, frustrated and perhaps didn’t really understand our insistence that we needed to meet with him before we could progress his application.
Michael came to meet with us and in doing so allowed us to fully assess what he was looking for and find the best way to match his needs with that of the Practice market and of a future employer.
By taking the time to look at his skills and discovering more about him, his personality his aspirations meant we were quickly able to identify the ideal firm. We secured him an interview and he was given everything he needed to prepare; including a full brief of the role, the firm, its team, their portfolio,  systems and so on.  This gave him the confidence to relax, prepare his answers and focus on making sure he delivered the best interview possible. 
The happy ending???  Of course Michael was offered the job!  After a month in post Michael sent us this:

“I was very apprehensive when considering a change in my career. I had lost a lot of confidence in agents after numerous dead end interviews and poor advice.  One meeting with Colin restored any faith I had lost. I had one interview which was successful and I couldn’t have thought of working for a better company than I am working for now.
Thank you for all your hard work.  It’s nice to know there are agents that actually care for the candidates that earn them a living.”
In two paragraphs Michael has summed up our ethos and why we're good at what we do! 

Can you say the same for any agencies you use?  If not then give us a call 01604 768000

The Public Practice Specialist



Looking to up the pace? Then corporate finance could be the answer...

Fri, 07 Jul 2017 14:00:00 +0000

After you have completed your ACA exams and qualified as a member of the ICAEW you will no doubt have a number of people telling you what you should do next.  There will be a raft of roles suggested and one of them should be to pursue a career in Corporate Finance, which could mean working in public practice or in-house for a commercial organisation.

Corporate Finance is a dynamic and fast paced discipline which a lot of people going through their initial training will not know too much about but if you get into the right position you will undoubtedly benefit from enriched skills development as well as reaping significant long term financial rewards.

Corporate Finance work allows you to get involved various types and level of work including the following:

  • Business acquisitions
  • Business finance raising
  • Drafting proposal and tender documents
  • Succession planning and business disposals
  • Strategic planning, business plans and financial forecast
  • Tax efficient corporate restructuring and incentives (share schemes)
  • Company and business valuations
  • Financial and commercial due diligence and business reviews
You will deal closely with an array of professionals including; finance providers and solicitors as well as working closely with entrepreneurs and business owners generally which will require great co-ordination and good communication skills.

The types of qualities that you need to be successful in the world of Corporate Finance include the following:

  • Strong analytical skills
  • Commercial awareness
  • Ability to communicate well with clients in conversation and in writing
  • Being a strong team player and can demonstrate excellent team-working skills
  • Ability to work to deadlines and roll up your sleeves when you really need to
If you are qualified and interested in being considered for a career in Corporate Finance please contact us at Wavelength to discuss further.

As an example; we are currently dealing with a position with an Independent firm which can offer an excellent first step into the Corporate Finance field where you would work closely in a small team and have the opportunity to learn in post and offers progression in the medium to long term.......
Click here to view our latest Corporate Finance Vacancy 

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